Tank Reservoir Kit - 54mm for WP XPLR Shock

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MXT 54mm Tank System (T2) for WP XPLOR PDS Shocks and 85-100cc mini's 

The new generation of WP PDS shocks come with a plastic, free piston and very low oil volumes. These factors make the shock prone to fading and poor heat related performance. 

Performance: The Tank system features a 2mm larger diameter alloy piston, reducing the effect of both the temperature change in the shock and the impact on rod charge, causing less movement overall. An optimized Q-ring gland design reduces stiction, and the incorporated piston ring results in greater compliance, traction, and comfort for the rider. Additionally, all 54mm Tank Systems come with Genuine Kashima coating that reduces static friction. 

Tuning options: The piston features a standard Ohlins 6mm positioning nipple. This allows the shock piston to be precisely placed and measured, giving tuners the option to control the effective volume change on the gas side for super consistent builds. 

Easier Service: The end cap design allows piston removal during routine service without disturbing the cylinder. The system can be configured with a high-quality stainless needle gland fitting, which makes the design easy, compact, and 100% reliable. 

Quality: Our parts are machined from 2024 aluminum, everything is anodized making them very strong. Additionally, all friction related parts have the added protection of the superior Kashima coating. MXT continues to set the standard with quality and performance based products.

Fitment: 2017-2018 WP PDS shocks.