MX-Tech Lucky Cartridge System - For Sachs Forks

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MXT Lucky System - Sachs

The new MXT Lucky System is the newest advancement for Sachs forks.

Major enhancements include:

  • A redesigned Huck Valve
  • Lighter than stock forks
  • New compression and rebound adjusters
  • Quality machining to reduce friction
  • DIY: Drop in ready system
  • Fits any open chamber Sachs fork

      The MXT Lucky System was created to provide a complete performance solution for OEM forks with the following features: 

      • Huck Valve. As a centerpiece of MXT technology, the Huck Valve has high and low speed sensitive bottoming control.

      • Lightweight. Some applications include a dual cartridge dual spring system that weighs less than the original air fork. In TC applications, the Lucky is approximately 3 lbs lighter.

      • Low Friction, increased traction and feel by minimizing sliding surfaces connected to each wheel with its own stick slip and friction values.

      • Valving systems. The MXT fork cartridges feature advanced valving features and design. All systems feature durable, compound leaf spring midvalves with low inertia. The broad performance profile works well in a wide range of conditions.The base valves include sub valves, which reduce fluid drag and allow for responsive performance.
      • New compression and rebound adjusters.


      The Lucky System includes the proven Huck Valve, designed to increase volume while allowing for additional pressure transfer parallel to the system. Traditional stock bottoming control is limited in that it can't manage multiple speeds or accelerations inside the travel. Stock bottoming control is limited to either high or low-speed bottoming. The MXT Huck Valve manages the limitations of typical bottoming control systems. The MXT Huck Valve has speed sensitive bottoming control, by incorporating a pressure sensitive valving mechanism. This allows for both high and low entry speeds. MXT Huck Valve equipped forks allows the set-up to be plusher while not sacrificing the overall control of the fork.

      Lucky forks average 3 pounds lighter than stock forks. As a result of being among the lightest in class, they deliver excellent feel, positive steering response, and increased traction.  

      An increase in cartridge volume provides more control and support through the middle of the stroke. As an example, riders notice the inherent stiffness of a stock fork. This is due to a valving set-up that requires stiff settings to control large fork movements, which produce frictional effects and forces created by cartridge pressurization. With the Lucky, the new 3 port mid-valve piston can be adjusted to improve the initial feel and reaction.

      New adjusters were added to simplify tuning for the rider. Finally, attention was given to better-machined bearings and pressurized seal surfaces to reduce friction*.


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